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Introducing the Apple iPhone 7 Pro!


These could be dummies but they tell a tale. Image:

Yes, with the ‘Pro’ tag, Apple will once again attempt to revolutionise the 5.5-inch smartphone segment and even introduce some smart accessories (read keyboard cover). In all probability, it will make the iPhone 7 Pro one of the most powerful iPhones yet by chucking in an A10X chipset (which would be the chip to show up in the next iPad) into a smartphone. As is the case with every Pro model in the iPad range, fans can also expect an unrealistic increase (by Apple standards) in RAM to 4GB. Awesome? Yes! Practical? No!

My problem once again



The iPhone 7 Pro is going to be an awesome iPhone. It is going to the iPhone that many may have dreamed about. But like every other Apple product it will also cost consumers a lot more. If Apple (being Apple) can make its buyers pay a premium for an iPhone 6 Plus with 1GB RAM and stuttery performance, well, 4GB RAM of RAM will cost you! It’s going to be priced higher than the iPhone 7 Plus, (whether or not it is a reality) and will make the brand new iPhone 7 look like an iPhone SE, which is pretty much injustice for those who usually go in for the standard model.

The discrimination in both the price gap and features will be worth it for power users, but why launch an iPhone 7 with fewer features? Why can’t Apple add in the Pro features into a smaller iPhone? Why can’t the differences between the standard, Plus and Pro models be limited to display and battery size? Well, this is because we are talking about Apple.

The solution

For about a week now I have been fiddling with the OnePlus 3 (a review unit) and I have no complaints, really. Its a slim device, that features 6GB RAM, a 3000mAh battery, a 5.5-inch AMOLED display and manages to squeeze in a 3.5mm headphone jack along with a USB Type C port. In comparison to my current iPhone 6 Plus, the OnePlus 3 is faster, can multi-task better, offers a slightly bigger battery, comes in a slimmer package, is lighter and is priced at just Rs 27,999. Comparing it to the current iPhone 6s Plus, it is a wee bit faster, still slimmer, still lighter, and offers a bigger battery and is faster when it comes to opening apps and can multi-task a lot better.

OnePlus3 (3)

Comparing it to the upcoming iPhone 7 Plus (or even the Pro), I can tell you it will still have a better battery, a body that will be as slim, still lighter, with a lot more RAM (than necessary), and will be priced at one third of an iPhone 7 Plus or Pro’s price tag (around Rs 69,000 or Rs 79,000 without taxes and duties mind you) for 128GB model as there will be no 64GB model.

I can still download music via iTunes desktop app (the Android beta is horrid) and I will not miss 3D Touch since I never got accustomed to it in the first place. As for what is going to be a “touchy topic” for iPhone 7 users, it features a 3.5mm jack and USB Type C port.