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It is always a disappointment for all the stars when their new look from their upcoming films get leaked online. The pictures go viral on the internet and then there’s hardly any excitement left for the film. Even with Salman Khan‘s upcoming film ‘Sultan’, his avatar as a wrestler wearing a langot got leaked well before the trailer could be released. It kind of takes a toll on the anxiety the fans hold for the film. But how do these pictures get leaked? Salman has a shocking answer to this question.

In his latest interview, Khan revealed that the crew members or the  people on sets are requested to not keep their cameras on, but they do carry their phones in their underwear and that’s how the pictures get leaked. He said, “Sets par logo ko kaha jata tha ki koi camera use nahi karega but junior artist underwear me mobile chupa kar photo click kar lete the or leak kar dete the, bahut bura lagta tha ki film ke sets se photos leak ho rahi hai par kya kar sakte hai?”

Well, truey this is disappointing as a lot of effort goes behind making of a certain character, but hiding a camera inside an underwear sounds funny too. Like, seriously inside an underwear?