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While the world awaits the launch of the next Apple iPhone, a survey conducted in the UK concluded that not too many users are interested in the upcoming iPhone 7, simply because their current iPhone is “powerful enough”.

A survey conducted by Insurance2go concluded that while there is a substantial percentage of iPhone users who will upgrade to the new iPhone, there is quite a large group that will stick to their current iPhones as well. Oddly, this decline in interest has little to do with the new features that are expected to arrive on the upcoming iPhone, and definitely nothing to do with the missing headphone jack.

The company that provides insurance for gadgets, conducted a simple survey asking about 1,000 people asking them whether they would upgrade to the upcoming iPhone 7 that is expected to be announced in a day’s time. 50 percent of those users said that they would upgrade to the upcoming iPhone 7 when it launches.

19 percent said that they will not go ahead with the next iPhone 7 but would rather choose to upgrade to a Samsung Galaxy S7 instead or another model made by the Korean company.

8 percent claimed that they would choose another company apart from Apple and Samsung.

As for why these users choose to look elsewhere, many cited the reasons like affordability. A current iPhone owner said that his current iPhone was “good enough for me and I can’t afford to upgrade at this time”.

Duncan Spencer, Managing Director of Insurance2Go, said: “The market has grown incredibly competitive over the past couple of years, however it’s no real surprise to see people are still firmly in favour of the iPhone handsets. We believe that the iPhone still reigns supreme, as its innovations and sleek designs will keep people coming back to Apple products again and again.”

While there is still no clue as to how Apple will attract buyers by deducting a few bits off its iPhone (headphone jack, home button) Samsung Note 7 recall has surely got the company excited. Apple is reportedly upping the order volume for iPhone 7 parts by 10 percent just before their iPhone event on 7 September. While it is most likely coincidence, some speculate that the recent recall of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 devices might have something to do with Apple’s increasing confidence in the sale of their upcoming device.

The 5.7-inch Galaxy Note 7 is, after all, a direct competitor to Apple’s 5.5-inch Plus model iPhones. The model recently saw a worldwide recallbecause of battery related issues that saw about 35 Samsung Note 7 devices exploding.

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