George Clooney Pushing Brad Pitt To Come To Halloween Party & Get Mind Off Angelina

Brad Pitt needs to get his mind off the Angelina Jolie divorce ASAP.

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Brad Pitt needs to get his mind off the Angelina Jolie divorce ASAP. That’s why George Clooney is pushing the actor to attend his Halloween party,

George Clooney, 55, is NOT about to let buddy Brad Pitt, 52, turn into this depressive and reclusive guy! Halloween is all about having fun, so it’s the perfect excuse to force Brad out of the house. After all, he needs a good distraction to keep his mind away from Angelina Jolie, 41. “Brad has been invited to George’s big annual halloween party in Beverly Hills Saturday night,” a source tells EXCLUSIVELY. “George has been encouraging Brad to attend his big A-list party with the most beautiful single women in Hollywood in attendance, but Brad has been hesitant to commit.”

It must be hard for Brad to get back into party mode, considering he’s taken on the fatherly role for 12 years with SIX kids under his wing. Even though the Fight Club actor is the biological father to only three of them, all of Angie’s kids feel like family to him. That being said, reconnecting with them since the Angie divorce hasn’t been easy, as his first meeting with Maddox was a total disaster. Brad was excited to reunite with his son inside the therapist’s office on Oct. 19, but Maddox did NOT want to be there!

“Brad is still in the middle of a difficult time and is no mood to party,” continues the source. “George has been talking to Brad almost every day since Brad split from Angie, and has been incredibly supportive. However, until the party happens Brad is not sure if he’s up for being social.” We understand that healing takes baby steps, but it’s unhealthy for Brad to stay cooped up in the house alone all the time.

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