Bigg Boss 10 Episode 12 28 October 2016: Gifts, fireworks and dancing galore, courtesy Diwali

The mercury levels inside the Bigg Boss house are soaring by every passing day.

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After spending time with each other for about 10 to 12 days, the Bigg Boss contestants finally realise that they are getting to see different sides of each one of them. The mercury levels inside the Bigg Boss house are soaring by every passing day.

Yesterday we saw how the otherwise cool Lokesh Kumari Sharma lashing out at Navin Prakash after he sabotaged her immunity task. Their argument got so intense that Lokesh was seen not only screaming her lungs out but today she also abused Navin quite a few times when she gets support of the entire team of Indiawale.

In the process Navin gets totally isolated from his team. Navin does accept that he cheated in the task but he isn’t apologetic about it as he feels he was just playing a game. He says, “It’s a trick that I played and Lokesh, too, should have thought of a plan. I wanted to win this game any how. If all my team members cheered me when I cheated during the laundry task by throwing water on their clothes, then why aren’t my teammates impressed with me now?”

In order to make peace between Lokesh and Navin, Manveer requests Lokesh to talk to him and  give him a chance to explain himself. Lokesh, however, refuses to talk to Navin and walks off. Lokesh also goes up to Manoj and tells him that Navin is playing a dirty game and is brainwashing everyone including Manveer.

Meanwhile, Manu, who is being linked to Mona Lisa, continues to spend lot of time talking to her while she is in jail along with Om Swami. Mona, who was earlier extremely upset with her teammates for putting her in jail, now looks happy with Manu, Nitibha, Lokesh spending time talking to her about her life and career. It’s evident that celebrity contestant Mona prefers the company of Indiawale rather than her own teammates, who she feels were unfair to her by putting her in jail the second time.

While having a conversation about their respective teams, Mona Lisa tells Manu about her team’s indifferent behavior towards her. Manu also shares his side of the story and told Mona that even commoners are playing dirty games and Navin’s behavior in the task the other day was not justified.  At the end of the conversation, Mona and Manu came to terms with the fact that no one in the house is trustworthy and they need to play their individual games. Om Swami instigates Mona against Manu and Mona reveals this to Manu.

Om Swami continues to confuse everyone all the time. On one hand he says that he is happy in the jail since he gets more footage and on the other he complains about not being given a chance to  do much in the task and put inside the jail every time for displaying poor performance. And in a new development, inmates are surprised to find their deodorants and body lotions in Swami’s bag and they decide to pull him up for the same.

Bringing in Diwali festivities, Bigg Boss decides to create a cheerful atmosphere by giving the celebrities the gifts sent by their loved ones. Manu hands over Mona’s gift to her while she is inside the jail which makes her emotional and breaks into tears. With only the  celebrities getting  their gifts,  Indiawale wait eagerly in anticipation to receive their set of gifts. Bigg Boss also asks Manu to release Monalisa and Swami ji from the jail and asks them to join the housemates in the celebrations.

In the evening, housemates celebrate Diwali by performing a small puja in the garden area where Swamiji recite mantras and complete puja rituals. Happiness fills up the atmosphere as Bigg Boss wishes everyone Happy Diwali and provides fireworks for them to celebrate the occasion. He also surprises Indiawale by giving them their share of gifts by calling Nitibha and Lokesh in the confession room. He asks them to collect their gifts that are hidden behind the chair and distribute it amongst the housemates.

Adding more fun to the night, Bigg Boss introduces the Oppo F1s Selfie expert task. For this task, the contestants are paired jodis – Lopa – Lokesh, Karan – Rohan, Manoj – Mona, Manveer – Bani, Gaurav – Akansha and Nitibha – Navin. Each of these jodi’s has to go to the activity area and click an interesting selfie with the Oppo F1s camera phone . Swami ji and Rahul Dev are elected as the judges and are asked to select the best Oppo F1s Selfie expert Jodi.

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