Abasar News Paper

This Newspaper founded in 2002 by Sujan DasGupta, it covers health, law, environment, women's issues, science, literature, culture, food, art and film. The site contains a concise version of the famous encyclopedia, Bharatkosh.[2] Abasar has a directory of local and community services in Dhaka and Kolkata, a list of other important Bengali websites with links, a comprehensive database of old Bengali films and some recreational items.
Abasar (অবসর) is a general-information website in the Bengali language. It is one of the oldest Bengali language Websites in the net..
Abasar was created for Bengali speaking people, who are not conversant in English, to have access to information that affect their lives. The name abasar.net comes from the Bengali abasar (অবসর), which means time off. The development of the website was started with the idea that volunteers who had taken time off work could help build this database that would eventually help those in villages of West Bengal and Bangladesh who went online. The website has a total of 20,000+ web pages.