The USA has decided to give its military dogs a well-deserved reward

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Dogs are truly incredible animals. Not only do they make the very best friends and keep us company for many years of our lives, but their intelligence, loyalty, and fearlessness also make them ideally suited for something that many people themselves could never cope with: performing life-saving actions in a time of war.

Furthermore, their human handlers and families will be given first priority for adoption. When we remember that so many service men and women have been separated from the dogs that saved their lives in the past, we can see that this is a truly fantastic idea. Not only does this ensure the safety of these brave animals, it ensures their right to happiness in a familiar home.

According to the American Humane Association, each military dog saves between 150-200 soldiers’ lives by detecting improvised explosive devices and hidden weapons. Up until now, however, most military dogs have not been going home with their handlers, are not guaranteed to ever even return to the USA, and are often never honored for what they have done. With this new legislation, they are now treated with the dignity that every soldier receives.

The Association’s president and CEO, Dr. Robin Ganzert, said he was glad to see military dogs finally getting the support they deserve.

We at onlinenewspaper have to agree. Let’s hope every one of these life-saving dogs enjoys a long, peaceful, and happy retirement!

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