Kiku Sharda TRASHES Sumona Chakravati – Kapil Sharma controversy

Sumona Chakravarti's co-star Kiku Sharda confirms that she will be seen more in the coming episodes!

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The absence of Sumona Chakravarti from episodes of The Kapil Sharma Show sparked off a variety of speculations. Sumona in an interview said that she had shot for quite a few episodes so far. The lady stated in an interview to The Times Of India, “I don’t know. We have shot many gags and there are many of my episodes in the bank. I had also gone to Switzerland, so I missed quite a few episodes when Salman Khan and other celebrities were on the show. When they will air my slot is a call the creative guys will take. I just love my work and don’t think of anything else.”

She also clarified that she has little to do in the creative decision-making.  “I am just a part of the team and I follow the script. I don’t get into that aspect of how much air time they are slotting for me. That’s a question you should ask Kapil Sharma,” Sumona said. While her statements sparked off doubts if everything was well with Sumona and Kapil Sharma, co-actor Kiku Sharda said Sumona was very much a part of the team. He said, “People are only speculating that there are problems. Sumona is very much a part of The Kapil Sharma Show and will continue being so. In fact, we shot for an episode yesterday and things were hunky dory. Fans of Sumona need not worry. You will surely see more of her in the coming episodes.”

 It looks like Kapil Sharma’s life is bit controversial right now. News for the wrong reasons just do not want to leave him. As per the news report, he is in trouble for the illegal construction outside his bungalow. While Sumona has only praised Kapil in her interview for the greater part, we are sure people will talk more about it. Sumona gained fame across India and abroad as Manju, Kapil Sharma’s wife. Besides, comedy shows like Comedy Circus, Comedy Nights with Kapil and now The Kapil Sharma Show, she has done daily soaps as well. The most prominent one is Bade Acche Lagte Hain. In The Kapil Sharma Show, she plays the role of Sarla Gulati. The lady is adored as Kapil’s wife and many fans feel they would make a great jodi in real life too.
It is not only her professional life but rumours are abuzz that she is getting married to Samrat Mukherjee in December. Stay tuned for more updates on Bollywood Life…