Riverboat (Mayfair Games) Review by Man Vs Meeple

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Riverboat Review by Man Vs Meeple

2-4 Players
90 Minutes
10+ Years of Age

Man Vs Meeple
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Hosted by Jeremy Salinas (Drakkenstrike) and David Waybright
game review

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  1. you guys are informative but very tough to listen too, you talk with such monotone voices and show no emotion in what you're doing, one guys talks too fast one guy talks too slow. Hire a voice coach and make that your new years resolution, I'm sure this channel will take off at that point. one more note, get someone for wardrobe as well you look like you just walked into the studio from the street and sat down and started talking.

    I'm actually stuck watching this video, I looked all over for another source but had to come back here. Very disapointed.

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  2. A great review as always. But about the game… this is yet another Euro that has simply too many ways to score points, and too many factors that affect your score (i.e., where your Harbor Master is in relation to others, or who has the most agents in New Orleans only serves to complicate the scoring that you get for those workers already).
    So you get points for this and you get points for that and you get bonus points for having that. And don't forget the points you get for this and that condition also!
    Makes my head spin. As you can tell, I much prefer games that haver fewer and more discernable objectives.

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  3. Guys, is the audio a little lower than usual? I cranked up the volume to max 🙁

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  4. David, just wanted to say thanks. Felt this review was very informative and also gave us an idea of how you in particular felt about the game and maybe why. It shows you're listening, you care and can take feedback. Chit Chat seems to be a good way to hear about the games you like, but if course those are very separated from the reviews. Regardless, keep up the good work.

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