Lib Tech TRS Total Ripper Series 2017 Snowboard Review –

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2017 Lib Tech TRS Total Ripper Series Snowboard at Tactics:

The Lib Tech TRS HP XC2 snowboard has been putting pros on podiums for years by helping them win World Freeride tours, slopestyle championships and even Olympic pipe medals. This all-mountain power banana is made for aggressive riders wanting to rip wherever they go. Horsepower construction has a higher strength-to-weight ratio than traditional fiberglass and cuts weight to boost mobility.

The twin shape has lengthened camber underfoot for increased stability and pop in firm snow, with a shorter rocker between your bindings to help you float in powder. This board was designed by Eric Jackson and is the preferred ride for pros like Sammy Luebke and Blair Habenicht. The TRS is such a powerful board that Lib recommends it only for intermediate to advanced riders. You’ve been warned.

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  1. Hey, nice review! Between this b oard and the attack banana, which one is the stiffest? Or are they about the same? I am currently riding the attack banana but thinking about trying the TRS, im into fast charging, big jumps and the whole mountain, but i really enjoy jibbing and railing too, so how stiff is the TRS compared to the attack banana?

  2. so for an all mountain,occasional powder,charging hard and quick response on turns and stopping u prefer the TRS HP or the Travis rice HP?

  3. The reviewer says it's a sintered base but when you see the sticker it says TnT base, which I thought were Lib's extruded bases



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