Invisible (Official Lyric Video) – Linkin Park

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Invisible (Official Lyric Video) Directed by Jose Lun

Linkin Park’s new album ‘One More Light’. Available now:


  1. Mike canta benissimo e anche se la ferita che ci ha inferto la morte di Chester è ancora aperta so che Mike darà un fantastico futuro alla band senza bisogno di sostituire Chester perché sappiamo tutti che non ci sarà mai nessuno come lui.

  2. Todavia no lo creo, siempre pero siempre estaras en mi vida querido chester querida banda que me acompaño x muchos años… Gracias …

  3. When I was young my brother showed me linkin park and it changed my life and was always my favorite band of all time no one could ever change that to me. chester:s music saved me from my loneliness from being kicked out at the age of 13 to having nothing but some clothes and a cd and now all I wanted when I grew up was to see them play with mgk but chester pasted away and this last album was his and he knew this was his last and every song on this hurts me every time I heard it. I just wish someone was there to save him like he did for me. R.I.P Chester

  4. Mike should become the lead singer of LP now. I know no one can replace Chester. But Mike's vocals are outstanding coz he has such a consistent and deep voice. Plus he can scream a bit also(remember the one step closer vid where he was screaming along with Chester). In conclusion this guy is perfect for the vocals now.



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