Bigg Boss, Weekend Ka Vaar, 9 December 2017: Salman pulls up Arshi Khan

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This episode of Weekend Ka Vaar starts with Salman Khan paying tribute to the late legendary actor, Shashi Kapoor with his song, Ek raasta hai zindagi from Kaala Patthar. Salman shows the highlight of this week when the loved ones of the contestants paid them a visit. Hiten and his wife Gauri get emotional on seeing each other but unfortunately they aren’t able to chat as Hiten was in freeze position.

Gauri thanks Vikas for being there for Hiten and tells Arshi that she has no problem with her flirtatious behaviour towards her husband. She moves on to Hina and confronts her on calling Hiten spineless during a task. She also tells Hina that her message was personally for him and not for everyone else to analyse. Gauri, in a straight forward manner tells Akash that he has disappointed her and she liked him the way he used to be.

Salman Khan on Bigg Boss 11. Image from Twitter/@biggboss

Salman Khan on Bigg Boss 11. Image from Twitter/@biggboss

After Gauri leaves,  Hiten breaks down and apologises to Hina for what Gauri told her but Hina says that she did not feel bad at all. But behind his back she bitches about Gauri with Arshi, Priyank and Vikas. Hina calls her childish and immature and she finds it weird that Gauri did not meet Priyank and Luv. Vikas tells everyone that Gauri only spoke to those who stood up for Hiten in the house. Salman then announces that later on they have a special surprise for Hiten.

Salman then has a conversation with all the contestants on their family members who visited them in the house. He says he was touched to see Puneesh and Luv’s bonding with their fathers. He also says that he found Shilpa’s mother extremely loving and sweet and compared Shilpa to her mother.  He further compliments Shilpa by saying that she’d a great sense of humor and strong will power.

Salman then mocks Hina for her break down on not being able to give her beau Rocky Jaiswal a gift when he visited her. He then jokes with her that the only reason Rocky motivated her to stay in the show till the end so that he gets a few more weeks without her.  Since Hina is a good singer, he asked her to sing the popular song, Aankhon Ki Gustakhiyan from his film Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam.

Salman then moves to Priyank, who had his ex Divya Agarwal on the show. She’d confronted him and had also ‘announced’ their break up while Priyank was in freeze position. Priyank getting trolled by the host is the funniest thing to happen on the show. Salman literally rolls on the floor laughing as he didn’t quite understand what was happening between them.

But the atmosphere becomes grim when Salman moves to Arshi. He congratulates on her ‘Khairaat ki captaincy‘ as she became a captain accidentally even as she’d not understood the whole task. Salman tells her that her attitude changed immediately after  she became the captain and also mocks Vikas for his choice of a captain, who never understood the task and nor has she ever made any effort to complete any task. In fact, Arshi said several times that she would spoil the ‘Statue’ task. Vikas also gives an explanation on why he chose to make her the captain.

Further, Salman again pulls up Arshi for accusing Shilpa of disrespecting her father. He tells Arshi that the only reason Shilpa moved her eyes when Arshi’s father mistook her for Hina and she was trying to tell him that she is not Hina. Arshi tries to justify what she saw but Salman clearly tells her that she is wrong. He tells her that she is looking very foolish and cruel on television. Salman then reminds Arshi of her behaviour with Shilpa’s mother. Arshi then accuses Salman of favouring Shilpa every time despite her co-contestants trying to shut her up. Salman gives it back to her by saying that she is just digging her own grave. Salman leaves them for a while and Vikas scolds Arshi for her behaviour while Hina gets the opportunity of giving back to Vikas of choosing the wrong captain.

Soon after, television actor, Karan Patel enters the house to give the contestants a piece of his mind as they are in freeze position. He praises Vikas and Shilpa for playing well and also for working on their relationship. He tells Shilpa that he was her big fan. He then moves on to Hina and tells her what a hypocrite she is. He tells her that she was too forgetful, and that her favourite line is ‘Yeh Maine Kab Kaha?’. He reminds her that billions of people are watching her so she needs to watch what she says. He also tells her off for being upset with Priyank because he called her insecure. He asks her to keep her ego aside if friendship matters to her. To most of these points, Hina tries her level best to answer through her expressions.

Karan then taunts Arshi for changing her behaviour more than her look, and asks her to be grateful towards someone who cooks for her (meaning Shilpa). He also forbids Akash from walking shirtless. And as soon as Karan leaves, Arshi calls Karan a tharki,  Next celebrity to enter the house is Bigg Boss 10 contestant, Rohan Mehra. He asks Priyank to stop backbiting Hina. Rohan also wonders that why did Priyank save Arshi when he was such a close friend of Hina. He also tells Arshi that she should have not behaved so disrespectfully with Shilpa’s mother. He then advices Hina that she must handle fights gracefully and not discuss other actors inside the house because everything she does is being talked about outside the house.

Later on, Hina tells Arshi that latter’s behaviour towards Shilpa’s mother has become a big issue and maybe she is coming across as a bad person outside. But Arshi has no regrets and doesn’t care about it. She has come to a conclusion that one can look good on the show only when they walk around worshipping Shilpa. Hina then suggests to Arshi that she can either be friends with Shilpa or avoid her altogether like the way she does, and Arshi wants to take Hina’s route.

And now enters former Bigg Boss contestant, Karishma Tanna. She praises Vikas for being a mastermind and tells Akash that he is confused now and that she prefers the earlier Akash. This is exactly what Gauri had told him. She tells Hina that she sees herself in Hina for being so competitive and aggressive but advises her to practice what she preaches.

Karan, Karishma and Rohan then turn panelists and join Salman on stage. He then tells the housemates to justify their stand. Karan and Hina argue and former tells her off for being two-faced. Salman then tells Hina that fans outside are also of the same opinion as Karan but Hina refuses to accept that she is insecure. Hina challenges Karan to participate in the next season and then she will see how he reacts. Salman cleverly changes the topic and ends the segment.

Now is the time for Hiten’s surprise in the house with both his children making an entry leaving him too happy for words. Gauri, too, comes back and Hiten gives them a tour of the house. Hiten thanks Salman and the show for this. Salman concludes the episode by asking everyone to not trouble their mother because it’s his mother’s birthday.

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