A major Samsung Galaxy S9 design hint appears in the strangest of places

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The Samsung Galaxy S8 is probably as close to perfect as any smartphone we’ve ever tested here at TrustedReviews.

However, a complaint of ours and many others’ in the user community, was the decision to position the fingerprint sensor so close to the camera sensor.

Our own Max Parker called the “awful” in his review earlier this year.

Thankfully, those seeking relief from fingerprint-blighted camera lenses might be in luck when the Galaxy S9 rolls around.

An alleged leaked screenshot from the S Health app, posted by KeyForWeb, appears to show the heart-rate sensor in the position formerly occupied by that troublesome fingerprint sensor (via PhoneArena).

S9 finger

Reports at the time suggested Samsung wanted to place the fingerprint sensor within the touchscreen itself, but was unable to perfect the tech in time.

This hint could suggest the S9 will be the first mainstream handset to achieve the holy grail of an in-display fingerprint sensor.

Alternatively, Samsung could just move it a little below the camera sensor to keep your paws away from the lens.

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Whatever happens, it appears likely Samsung will make changes in this department. The fingerprint sensor issue outstripped Bixby as the most-complained-about feature.

At the time Max wrote: “I hate it more every time I use it. First, it’s tiny, meaning those times I actually hit it, it doesn’t recognise my finger. But its real issue is the positioning; it’s so unintuitive. You have to wiggle your finger around the camera – which, incidentally, throws up a message on opening the app to remind you to clean dirty smudges of the lens – and guess where the scanner is?”

“I don’t understand why it isn’t at the centre, as it is every other phone that has a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner. I suspect Samsung wanted to build it into the display, but just ran out of time.”

Hardly glowing praise, but we’re hopeful Samsung gets it right next time around.

Would an improved fingerprint sensor make the S9 a truly perfect smartphone? Drop us a line @TrustedReviews on Twitter.

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