Vishva Kannada

Vishva Kannada is world's first online magazine as well as web-site in Kannada. The very first trial issue was put up in mid-Dec 1996. From Jan 1997 it was quite regular as monthly. For the Feb 1998 issue, Vishva Kannada used dynamic fonts, thus becoming the first Indian language web-site to use that technology.

Vishva Kannada was sub-domain under indianlanguages ​​till 1999 Dec. From Jan 2000 it got its own domain name, ie, In 2003 CMS was implemented and switched over to Unicode. Most content from old issue in non-Unicode is still available in the web-site.

Now Vishva Kannada is not being updated as a monthly magazine. Taking the advantage of CMS, content is added as and when content is available irrespective of any regular date.