NaiDunia (नईदुनिया), is a Hindi newspaper owned by NaiDunia Media Ltd. NaiDunia (meaning New World) was born on 5 June 1947 at Indore, just before the dawn of independent India, most aptly timed and named. It was established by freedom fighters Pandit Krishnakant Vyas and Mr Krishnachandra Mudgal. Vyas was also its first Chief Editor. Further Mr Babu Labhahcnd Chhajlani, Basantilal Sethia and Narendra Tiwari joined and the newspaper then trod its path to popularity in the most turbulent post-independence time.

NaiDunia was first in Indore to install a teleprinter machine of Press Trust on 4 December 1948. NaiDunia pioneered distribution of newspapers in rural areas through milk vendors who traveled to Indore every morning and while going back to their villages carried NaiDunia along for distribution.

1997 marked 50 years of NaiDunia. The Golden Jubilee year was celebrated with fervor. NaiDunia had scaled new heights by then. The then President of India Shankar Dayal Sharma and Prime Ministers H.D. Devegauda and Indra Kumar Gujral attended the celebrations. In 1997 NaiDunia also became the first Hindi newspaper of India to launch an internet edition.