Full Form of ICSE


Full Form of ICSE: ICSE full form is Indian Certificate of Secondary Education which is a private board for class 10th students that takes exams which is conducted by Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination (CISCE). It is a non-governmental body according to the new education policy 1986. ICSE board  exams are held in english and only regular students can participates in exam. There is no facility of private studying. Nowadays many Schools that runs in ICSE board. Syllabus of this board is base on practical knowledge and overall development of students. It is very detailed and extensive. Total syllabus is available in english which is very helpful to students in their future. Very huge options of subjects are available to choose ur favourite one. Icse now give their result in mark/percentage which is easier to understand by students compare to their before way of grading.

Available Subjects in Icse Board :-

In this board, students get many option for choosing subjects. Some are compulsory and some are pick and choose basis. Board divided subjects in three categories in which one are compulsory category and rest two are choosable. Lets see all categories of subjects.

Group 1 :- All Subjects are Compulsory 

English, Language, History, Civics, Geography

Group 2 :- Two Subject have to select 

Science, Math, Economics, Computer, Environmental, Agriculture, Technical Drawing, Foreign language, Commercial Studies.

Group 3 :- one Subject have to Select

Economic Applications, Commercial Applications, Art, Home Science, Fashion Designing, Computer Applications, Performing Arts, Yoga, Environmental Applications, Cookery, Physical education


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