Spirit Of Chennai

"Spirit of Chennai" is a 2016 Tamil song composed by C Girinandh and directed by Vikram. The song was made as a flood relief anthem in response to the 2015 South Indian floods which affected Chennai, and was stated by the makers to be a "tribute to all the volunteers".

Following the 2015 South Indian floods which affected Chennai in early December 2015, actor Vikram planned a flood relief anthem to pay homage to the volunteers during the crisis and to celebrate the spirit of the city. Titled "Spirit of Chennai", he worked on composing a song and approached C. Girinandh and his band, Oxygen, to work on a tune for the anthem. The song was composed within two hours, and Vikram subsequently called up several prominent singers to record their voices as a part of the track. The lyrics for the song were written by Madhan Karky, Gana Bala and Rokesh.[3] The song was unveiled online, via Sony Music India on 2 January 2016.

Vikram subsequently began directing a video song for the anthem featuring several actors from the Indian film industry during the final week of 2015.