Sinlung News

SINLUNG started out in 2005 as a news aggregate site for NorthEast India. While still retaining its roots as a NE news site, we have expanded our content, and subsequently our audience base, to take on the world one news at a time.

With articles and news reports ranging from a diverse range of subjects, we aim to be at the forefront of all that's happening in the business, technology, culture, society, entertainment, education and the music industry. But most importantly and closest to our heart, we aspire to be the voice of NorthEast India. We seek to serve as a platform for an active community of NorthEasterners that want to make a change in the society, politics and our very own lifestyle.

The history and the exact locations of Sinlung may be hazed, but what it represents today in the 21st century man of the Kuki-Chin-Mizo tribe, and to the North-Easterners of India as a whole is beautiful and so much more than mere remnants of some glorious past.