Ranchi Express

Ranchi Express Group was established with Ranchi Express as a local weekly in tabloid format in 1963. Today it is a full fledged broad-size newspaper circulated primarily in the Jharkhand State (southern part of undivided Bihar). Over the years this has become a household name in South Bihar. Growing Steadily, today Ranchi Express Group has become the biggest media house in Bihar. The Ranchi Express Group now has its presence in print, internet and electronic.

In print we publish a Hindi daily RANCHI EXPRESS (established in 1963) and one Annual English Business Directory - EXPRESS INFO BOOK (established in 1996).

RANCHI EXPRESS ONLINE - made its worldwide presence in December 1998, becoming the first newspaper of Bihar and Jharkhand to go online. Besides news headlines we are providing a lot of other information of the area making RANCHI EXPRESS ONLINE a portal to Jharkhand.