News Today

Steady and sincere In a world that is forever in a flux, something needs to be stable, serious and sincere to offer a sense of balance and the correct perspective. And that is what News Today has been doing over the last 33 years. Started in 1982 by the doyen of Indian journalism T R Ramaswami (TRR), News Today carries forward boldly the rich and varied legacy that he left behind. A member of the Indian Newspaper Society (INS) and published from Chennai, NT provides news, analysis, features, special columns in an alluring kaleidoscope of neatly-laid out pages.

However, the accent is decidedly Chennai, a city that is both a traditional bulwark as well as a technological pivot. Covering this delightful diversity, NT offers a fare whose flavour is certainly different from the ones available in the market. Modernity is what NT seeks, but yet does not want to kick out the traditions of the land. NT's evolving USP is taking a firm stand on issues even while covering them impartially and honestly Nothing reflects this abiding philosophy than the Editor T R Jawahar's Countdown and Point Blank columns, which stand aside in resplendent relief from the cliches of journalistic clutter.

NT's core ideology is simple: If you take your readers and advertisers seriously, they will take you seriously, too. The newly re-launched internet edition, with its accent on simplicity and easy navigation reflects the ideals of the publication that has laced itself into Chennai ethos over the last two decades.