Jal News

Jal News is the online edition of news and exclusive reports gathered by a team of freelance journalists for publication in various newspapers in India. In its appearance on the Internet for more than eight years, JalNews has been accessed by a large number of people of Indian origin living abroad, besides a large number in India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bhutan and Nepal where Internet is reaching a growing number of homes.

The current news is on our 'Latest News' page while we move the older news to our 'Archives' which is organised by months and is searchable. The Archives go back to January 1999. We also have included here carefully selected links to various newspapers & magazines for those having ineterest in India and the sub-continent. Also added here is a selection of links to entertainment sites, search engines, telephone directories, and book stores where one can find good bargains. We try to add more features on our site and keep it current, as much as we can.