Christian Messenger

The Christian Messenger was a religious magazine established by the early Restoration Movement leader Barton W. Stone in 1826. The paper was a key means of communication for the Christians sect led by Stone and a primary source of unity in the movement, but consistently struggled for survival.It played a key role in promoting the merger of the group led by Stone with the Disciples of Christ led by Thomas and Alexander Campbell.

From the beginning of the movement, the free exchange of ideas among the people was fostered by the journals published by its leaders. Alexander Campbell published The Christian Baptist and The Millennial Harbinger while Stone published The Christian Messenger.[4]:208 The first issue was printed in November 1826, and early themes included opposition to sectarianism, Christian liberty, and the right of individual Christians to read and interpret the Bible for themselves independently of any creeds.

During the period from 1831 through 1834 the Messenger actively promoted the union with the Disciples of Christ (Campbell Movement).[2] Stone also used the Messenger to encourage Christians to free their slaves and support the American Colonization Society.