Bhatkal News

Bhatkal also known as 'Batecala' in some Portuguese historical texts, is a port town in Uttara Kannada District of South Indian state of Karnataka. The town of Bhatkal lies on NH-66 running between Mumbai and Kochi and is one of the major railway stations along the Konkan Railway line running between Mumbai and Mangaluru. The closest airport is Mangaluru International Airport.

In the early ages Bhatkal belonged to followers of Jain and Hindu religion and later acquired more religions and cultures. According to Famous Moroccan traveler Ibn Battuta (1307-1377), "Bad-E-Qillah" (Bhatkal) was place with Nawayath, Nakhuda Muslim & Jain communities, a town located on the shores of Arabian sea, with Sharavathi river few miles to its north. Bhatkal's location, although very strategic, was the main factor behind the country side's erratic history. Bhatkal witnessed the rise and fall of several dynasties and rulers. Bhatkal was a part of the Hoysala empire from 1291 to 1343 before falling into the hands of the Vijayanagara empire.

After the disintegration of the latter, the much coveted town of Bhatkal was brought under the control of the Saluva (Jain) rulers of Hadwalli (a town on the State Highway towards Jog Falls). Numerous temples and basadis were construc